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Selecting Artificial Turf And The Things to Keep in Mind

Thinking about installing artificial turf in your home lawn? Wondering if artificial grass i a good option or not? Read on to see the things you must keep in mind when installing artificial turf.

Why use artificial turf

  • Helps save up on water bills
  • Is good for the environment (reduces need for water)
  • Made from shaved rubber pieces which are a waste products of tyres, thus is recycled.
  • Is low maintenance


Before installing artificial turf

  • Keep in mind the physical limitations of the surroundings. How large or small the area is. It’s good to keep in mind that larger areas for artificial turf can be costly.
  • The environmental limitations should be kept in mind as well. Unlike real grass, artificial turf tends to warm up quickly. It may not be advisable to use the lawn during the hotter parts of the day if you have installed artificial turf in the lawn.
  • How wet or rainy is the place where you live. Though artificial grass is pretty absorbent but if it rain too heavily water logging can be a problem.
  • When selecting the color for the artificial turf it would be better not to buy the bright green variety. It tends to look artificial. Rather take a look at options which have shades of yellow or brown in them to give a more natural look to your surroundings.
  • Though artificial turf is a low maintenance option, it does require a bit of upkeep to look great all the time. You may need to clean it up to get rid of the dirt and debris. However calling in a professional may be a better idea but it would cost you as well.
  • Make sure you take a look at a few samples before deciding upon a certain type of turf. This would allow you to get a fairly good idea regarding the color and appearance of the turf.
  • Artificial turf may need some sort of padding to make it more weather friendly. It tends to heat up quite a bit and cooling pads can help keep it at a desirable temperature.


Type of artificial turf

There are different kinds of artificial turf available according to the cost and uses. For economical purposes there is artificial turf that may cost a great deal less but isn’t as soft as other synthetic grass. According to this renowned synthetic grass installers in Australia, compromising on quality is only an option if it’s to be used as a playing ground in a high traffic area or as a driveway for your car.

However if you want a high quality artificial turf be prepared to pay a good lump sum for it. It would be softer and thus more realistic looking. Besides its upkeep won’t be that expensive either. Plus it would be a child friendly option as well. The softer blades would cause less abrasion and children could play on it without the risk of getting burns or cuts.

Keeping the above mentioned things before installing artificial turf would help you find the one which is best suited for your needs. For information on actual installation charges make sure you contact the people of, also check this options for marine carpet suppliers.